Mengs Parnasus

Orphic Hymn to Mnemosyne

“Mnemosyne I call, the Queen, consort of Zeus, Mother of the sacred, holy and sweet-voiced Muses. Ever alien to her is evil oblivion that harms the mind, she holds all things together in the same dwelling place, in the mind and soul of mortals, she strengthens the powerful ability of humans to think.

Most sweet, vigilant, she reminds us of all the thoughts that each one of us is for ever storing in our hearts, overlooking nothing, rousing everyone to consciousness. But, blessed goddess, awaken for the initiates the memory of the sacred rite, and ward off forgetfulness from them.”

-translated by Jules Cashford
 from Mnemosyne Foundation

Mnemosyne was the Greek goddess of memory and the mother of the Muses, the protectors of the oral tradition and the history of the Greek world. All history is based on memory. I want to be a collector, curator, archiver, and preserver of memory in all forms and types.

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