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Roush Family Ties

Jun 2nd, 2014 Posted in Shaffer and Zirkle Descendants | no comment »

I haven’t posted in awhile, and that is just because I have been working on a book for the Shaffer family reunion this summer. I hope to post it here when I get back, because I also hope to have lots of new research to add to it so I’ll have to update it! I am also not sure I will finish all of what I’d intended to do. I am running out of time! But whatever happens, I have the blog to add it additions to.

One thing the book will not include is the Roush family. I so wanted to do more work on that line, but I just have not had the time. It’s on the to do list to hit hard when I finish with grad school, since the rest of my grad school work involves the Shaffer and Zirkle lines, I will most likely be tired of them by the time I am done!

The nice thing is that I have “met” a 7th cousin who blogs about the Roush family from time to time. We both descend from Philip and Catherine (Kelchner) Roush. Her blog is A Sense of Family, so make sure you check it out. Mostly you should look at her most recent 52 Ancestors post called Jacob Roush and Philip Roush: Virginia Militiamen. Her post does more than I can at this point to detail two of my three Revolutionary War ancestors: Michael Zirkle and Philip Roush. I know that Jacob Shaffer, if he served, also would have served with these two men. All three families were so closely knit through marriages and all lived near each other so I know they must have served together as well. I just need to find Jacob!

I probably will not be able to continue with the 52 Ancestors challenge,  due to time constraints, but it did get me writing more so it accomplished what the intent was. I plan to continue blogging when I can so bear with me!