Mapping My Cemetery Project

I’ve created a preliminary map…missing some info of course but here is what I have so far. I used the new Google Maps to plot the cemeteries. I have found the location of the ones I don’t have lat/long for, and based on research and an 1874 map I know where they are located but just need to figure out how to transfer those locations to a map.

It’s a work in progress… but here’s the first step.


And here’s a quick screen shot because I think it will change once I update my spreadsheet some more. Here is the map:

Mad River Cemeteries Map Google Map created by JSM

Mad River Cemeteries Map Google Map created by JSM

And here’s a screen shot of what it looks like when you click on one of the cemeteries….obviously, I am not finished with my database yet because most of them look like this at the moment.

Mad River Cemeteries Screen Shot 2 w: DB info

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