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Veteran’s Day 2016

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I know Veteran’s Day is a day to remember those veterans still with us, and I say a huge THANK YOU to all of them. One of the things I LOVE about my DAR chapter is our support of the MANA House, a place where homeless veterans can go to get back on their feet. In a state where veterans are not very well supported, we need more places like MANA.

My family had a smattering of those who served. This year I visited Arlington, and found a maternal great uncle buried there. I had no idea when I showed up how MASSIVE that cemetery is and hiked for hours to find him. (It seemed like hours anyway!)

Edward L Brunner, Arlington National Cemetery

Edward L Brunner, Arlington National Cemetery












But now I have had the experience of being at Arlington, and it was beautiful. There are many more on my maternal side, and my second great grandfather served and was injured in the Civil War. We don’t have any Revolutionary War veterans, because my maternal side were all new immigrants in the 19th century.

My dad and most of his brothers served in some capacity, and for that I am thankful as well. I wish I knew more about our family’s military history, and it’s a genealogy goal of mine for some day. There isn’t much, other than dad and his brothers, because it seems that most of the rest of the direct paternal line missed most of the wars. We don’t have a direct paternal civil war veteran, or WWI. It seems my paternal grandfather may have been drafted in WWI, but I don’t see that he ever served. We do, however, have a long list of Revolutionary War veterans!

Norb Shaffer, enlistment photo

Norb Shaffer, enlistment photo


Earl Roy Shaffer Draft Card June 5, 1917

Earl Roy Shaffer Draft Card June 5, 1917



My husband comes from a long line of military on both sides. I’ve blogged about his Adams relatives before. (Stanford Adams), and I thought I wrote the story of Stephen Getchell, Jr. and the man I met because of him, but I guess I haven’t — that will have to be another blog. Thank you for your service. He came home, and Steve didn’t.


First blog on the new site and a new year

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Jamboree Marketing Page button    (I wish I was going to be there! But I’ll be watching the webinars! Check out their webpage!)


I just started using Feedly to organize all the blogs I follow. Not that I have time to read any of them really, but at least now I have a list so I don’t have to say every time, “Now what was so-and-so’s blog site again?” I like that it syncs to Ipad and Iphone, so now when I am riding the light rail to school I can read blog updates. (Not that my ride is long enough to do much, I usually check Facebook and Twitter then, and only get through part of either!) Hopefully Feedly sticks around longer than some of the others I have used!


This is going to be my year to get organized and figure out time management. So far I am failing miserably at the time management resolution. Getting better at the organization part, though! It’s hard when you have cute furry distractions, though.

I am hopeful that the #52Ancestors challenge will keep me on track for working on my genealogy, and in turn, because I have to blog weekly about that, I hope that it will keep me in line with all the other things I need to be doing.


I am also working on materials for my Shaffer family reunion this summer. I am not the organizer, so I really don’t know what to expect, but I plan to prepare as much family history material as I can – though I suspect many of the attendants are currently part of my Facebook family group and at least know about or follow my family blog, and there doesn’t seem to be much interest or participation until I post photos. But therein lies the problem – I really don’t HAVE any photos! I am the youngest of my generation, we moved away from the hometown, and I never lived there! We have nothing pertaining to the ancestors, and my dad is gone so I can’t ask him any questions, though even when he was alive he never liked to talk about growing up.  I don’t know who was the repository for the old family photos, and I have asked many of the cousins, but no one seems to have anything or they will “look when they have time” and there just hasn’t been time. I hope that getting together for a family reunion will spark interest and make them want to go home and find those boxes! And maybe I can follow them home and help. :)


I am also involved in the DAR. My chapter, Cactus Wren, is a busy group and I try to get involved when I can. I am on the American Indian and American History committees for my chapter, and I love getting the chance to learn something new about Native Americans. The theme I have followed so far has been Native American Women, and recently I have learned a little bit about Sarah Winnemucca, Cora Sinnard (who I had to do a lot of my own digging on!), Charlotte Edith Anderson Monture, and the Women In Military Service for America Foundation Memorial at the Capitol.They had an exhibit that featured Native American Women, and one woman featured was even our own Arizona-native Lori Piestewa.


So it’s going to be a busy year, but I think it will be fun! I am excited about my classes for this semester, and I feel like everything I am doing fits together like a puzzle – one that I have been trying to put together for several years.