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Welcome to the Cemetery section of my blog!

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This blog is going to be a weekly discussion over cemeteries and preservation, conservation, theory, law and anything else that comes up or seems relevant to the work I want to do in Ohio. I will be blogging about readings, progress on my project, hurdles involved in the process, and my thoughts and questions. If you are reading this, please feel free to comment as we go along! Two of the other blogs on this page have information on some of the things I’ve worked on up to this point, feel free to read those as well. Shaffer and Zirkle Descendants and Digital Humanties. The Shaffer and Zirkle Descendants blog is a place where I’ve posted various genealogy work I’ve done on the two families. I started the 52 Ancestors blog challenge, but due to school work was unable to continue it, but on my blog there is some info in that relating to the cemeteries I am working on. The Digital Humanties blog was work that I did last semester (Spring 2014) in a course on Digital Humanties. I tried a few different ways to visual the project I am working on, including a NodeXL model of the relationships between the families buried in the Zirkle cemetery and the Shaffer cemetery, and in each cemetery itself. I also mapped all the (known) cemeteries in Mad River township, Champaign, Ohio based on various records and engineer’s maps, deeds, and written histories.

For my thesis project, I will be working on the Shaffer cemetery, and there will be discussion of the Zirkle cemetery, but the Zirkle cemetery has some other issues that will come out during the course of this journey. It’s entirely possible that cemetery will also become part of this project, will see how things progress. The two cemeteries are linked together in my mind, due to their shared histories. The culmination of this project will be a written thesis over the journey of preservation of a cemetery, and hopefully the actual restoration of the cemetery with the help of the community. If you live in or around Mad River township, Terre Haute, or Thackery, please drop me a line here and let me know if you would be interested in helping with this project. Thanks for reading!

Cemetery Test

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This is where I will begin blogging about cemeteries and my current projects, one in Ohio and one in Arizona. I’ve made some changes recently to the webpage so I’m testing here to make sure everything is working.

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